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Nate Weatherup is a new, unique voice that just made the move from Chicago to Los Angeles. A former teacher, Nate has spent the last six years working comedy clubs and theaters throughout the country. On top of a busy tour schedule, Nate also competed in the finals of the 2011 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, and was invited to perform at the 2013 Great American Comedy Festival at the Johnny Carson Theater in Johnny’s hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska. He can often be seen opening for Dave Coulier from Full House and is a regular guest host on Pretty Late on WGN radio and WGN.com.

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  1. Noah Betancourt says:

    Hello Nate, I’m the student from G.C.H.S. who attended your presentation twice (because your awesome), asked a question each time, got a picture with you, and became your “Best Friend”. I just wanna say that I absolutely loved you and am quite thankful that you chose to come to G.C.H.S. Before Writers Week I had never heard of you but, now I’ve gotten to meet you and you were everything I thought you would be and more. Also I apologize if I acted a little inappropriate during your final presentation.

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