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Nate Weatherup

Kind Words

Here are some nice things people have said about me:

When you go listen to 10 stand-up comedians perform at a local venue, there’s bound to be at least one comic that hits your funny bone.

For me, it was Nate Weatherup, who made more than a few good wise-cracks during the Round Lake Rounders debut performance April 30 at the Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center.

Round Lake resident Dan Morris had nine of his buddies lined up to perform their comedy acts that night as the Rounders, and I had spoken with 26-year-old Weatherup on the phone before the show.

He had promised me he would tell jokes of his experiences teaching high schoolers, and he didn’t disappoint.

While I won’t give away his punchlines, I will say it was funny to hear the explanation for why his English literature class watches “The Matrix” so many times, or how he managed to keep a high school girl from asking him too many questions after he had had a late night on the town.

I enjoyed the other performers, too, but Weatherup’s act was the highlight of my night. I would recommend trying to catch him at Zanies and other local venues

– Lake County Journal

I first met and worked with Nate at the Razzmatazz Showcase at Cafe Wha Who in Chicago, which was one of The Edge’s sister showcases. Nate wasn’t like most prototypical “Chicago Comics”. He was edgy and very funny. I brought Nate to Kankakee to headline a comedy competition back in July. Nate killed that night. He told me recently that Kankakee was thus far one of his favorite place to perform, which is quite impressive considering where all Nate has performed. He isn’t a slouch. If there is a microphone, you better bet your sweet ass that Nate is on it. He has been a regular performer at Zanies Comedy Clubs in Chicago. He isn’t a guy who’s done one newcomer showcase at Zanies and changes his profile picture for street cred. He doesn’t need to. Nate is the real deal folks.


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